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DentalAccord features and benefits

Treatment planning

Describe a clinical picture and create a treatment plan using the service tools. You can drag and drop tools to change their order. If the treatement plan is complicated, you can divide it into several stages.

Create additional treatment options so that the patient can have alternatives.

Tools templates and settings cover the whole medical knowledge base. Just choose a tool on the panel and set the necessary parameters.

On any step of planning you can visualize treatment in several ways, show it to the client and include it into the presentation.

Tools include thousands of medical terms and descriptions. When you specify the preferences, the description will appear automatically.

Adjust your services cost for every stage of the treatement plan according to the price list and you'll get the total cost of each stage and the whole treatment automatically.

Treatment presentation

To make a patient use your clinic services, you should clearly demonstrate possible treatment options.

As soon as the planning is done, you can create a presentation describing each stage of treatment supplemented by teeth types and doctor's comments if necessary.

Presentation is published in PDF format in one of three languages, can be printed or send to the patient by e-mail.

Patients and personnel records

Each client of the dental clinic has a patient file with personal data, examination records, medical images, other relative info, clinical picture, treatment plans, and complete history of changes.

Patients files archive uses access rights system so that the clinic specialists can access only info of the patients they treat.

Change history of the patient file stores all the records from the moment of registration and can't be altered post factum.

This prevents confusion. You can always monitor the specialist who worked with patient's data, made changes in the clinic picture and treatment plans.

Price list

Specify the action price manually

or calculate automatically, using price list of your clinic

The cost of services in price list can be set in preferences and  amount — in planning module.

The program calculates the total cost of the treatement plan and displays the cost of each treatment stage.

Centralized data storage

Your clinic info is always available to you on the Internet. Several doctors can work with the clinic at the same time.

If you decide to give up further work with DentalAccord, you can get all the data about your patients exported to XML format.

Safety and backup

All the data is transfered to DentalAccord via SSL security connection which keeps it safe from intrusions.

Data base back-up copies are created every hour which assures your data security in case of any failures.

Cross-platform operation

For your smooth work with DentalAccord you need a stable Internet connection and the latest version of one of the following browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer