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Just look thought the treatment plan

Open treatment plan

Or register a clinic.

Try DentalAccord and consult patients via Internet

Using our consultation system, you can expand the possibilities of your web page, such as conversation with patient and effective treatment plan presentation to persuade the patient to choose your clinic for treatment.

How it works?

The patient will upload his image, describe the problem and answer some questions via your web page
You will consult patient and offer effective treatment plan, using DentalAccord
The patient will assess the plan presentation and choose your clinic for treatment

Consult on your own web site

Place the special button on your web site

Configure the appearance of the button in your DentalAccord clinic preferences. The software will generate the special code, which you should place on your web site (or give it to the web site developer)

Configure your own consult page

Choose doctor or configure your own consult page, which will present your clinic's or specialist's benefits to patient in a best way.

We show special rating. It depends on the amount of consultations and their quality. The review can be sent only by users, who ordered consultation.

The patient can upload image and describe the wishes for treatment

You've registered the clinic ? Now configure the consult page!

You can manage your consultants on the Colleagues page. Specify doctors, upload photos and make a description that will help to present a dentist to patient.

You can go back to settings and edit information in any time.

If you want to consult online —